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Last modified: June 10, 2014

Welcome to our home on the web. We encourage you to visit all our pages to get to know us and our company and to learn how you can benefit by becoming a Firestone Farms grower. You'll also find information about the products and services we offer at our on-the-farm retail market. Wholesale buyers can explore our product line and send inquiries to our sales department. Enjoy your visit!

Our Philosophy

We have a vested interest in the hazelnut industry. We understand the concerns of both the grower and the packer. We work to achieve the highest returns for our growers and we strive to develop new markets for all the various hazelnut products. We look toward the future and plan for expansion. We encourage the development of new hazelnut varieties to ensure long-term sustainability of our industry.

Company Profile

Firestone Farms was founded in Vancouver, WA, in 1894. We've been hazelnut growers since the 1940's and packers since 1984. We purchased our Oregon retail market in 1998 and moved our entire operation to the Dayton, OR, area in 2007. Our hazelnut packing facility is over 16,000 square feet in size and gives us ample room to accommodate new grower tonnage. We've increased our packing speed and volume by more than 66% over the last four years. The fifth generation of the Firestone family is now actively working on the farm, in the packing operation, and in our retail market, so we're positioned to be here for the long haul.

Contact Information

Telephone Numbers:
Main Office: 503-864-3515
Clark's Cell: 503-407-9118
Mike's Cell: 503-593-8054
Joan's Cell: 360-903-9401
Retail Market: 503-864-2672
FAX Number:503-864-3515
Mailing Address:18400 N. Hwy. 99W, Dayton, OR 97114
E-mail Address:General Information, Sales, Support: