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18400 N. Hwy. 99W
Dayton, OR 97114
I have been a grower for Firestone Farms for 18 years now. I especially like the fact that Firestone Farms is small enough to care about me, but large enough to be able to match or beat other packers' prices and they pay the total payment earlier than the big packers, so I get my money quicker. It is really nice to be able to call them on the phone and have them personally answer. When I do have a request, they follow up in a timely manner and I do not get a runaround. I had some bad experiences with other packers, but never with Firestone Farms--they are great! --Randy F.

It's been a pleasure doing business with Firestone Farms. Tote delivery and pick-up are a plus for me, and payment has always been punctual and fair market. Top to bottom fine business operation and fine folks. --Richard K.

We've worked with Firestone Farms for a number of years now and we've found them to be a good, honest, straight forward, and high-paying company. There's never any "monkey business." They deliver tote boxes right on time when they say they will. Checks are sent out right on time, too. In other words, what they say will happen with any aspect of their operation is what happens! I have no complaints about Firestone Farms. --Ryan G.

We have worked with Firestone Farms for several years. Historically, they have been great to work with and are accommodating in all aspects of harvest and delivery. They always pay the top price in the industry. I would recommend Firestone Farms to any grower. --Kelly K.
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