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Hazelnuts are as old as the history of agriculture with references to their use going back nearly 5000 years. The Greeks and Romans valued hazelnuts as a food source and also thought them to have medicinal properties. Hazelnuts are grown in many countries, but the only region of the United States where they can be found growing in commercial quantities is the Pacific Northwest. Our unique combination of rich soil and mild climate help us produce hazelnuts that are the world's largest and most flavorful. Europeans have known for centuries that hazelnuts are superior in flavor and texture to many other nuts. Consumers around the world are now discovering this difference, and per capita consumption of hazelnuts is on the rise.

Firestone Farms is dedicated to the promotion of the hazelnut as a versatile, distinctive,and nutritionally superior product. We pledge to give our customers the best in quality and service throughout the United States and anywhere around the world. We have a vested interest in the hazelnut industry and we look toward the future and plan for expansion. We have always encouraged the development of new hazelnut varieties to ensure long-term sustainability of our industry.

We are actively involved in hazelnut industry efforts to comply with food safety initiatives and have established GAP, GMP, and HACCP plans for our operation. We are constantly working to increase our efficiencies in packing and shipping to provide quality products to our customers in the shortest time possible at the best prices possible.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and your trust as your hazelnut supplier of choice and we look forward to discussing with you your hazelnut needs and how we can fill them.
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